Recolor orderpage


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I dont own those pictures
Follow these steps have to have a windows 7 computer with snipping tool
2.put on the items you want recolored and take a snip
3.drag or copy the snip into email
4. Tell me what color you want each item to be on the email
5.send it to me, don’t leave the computer
6.comment ‘order sent’ on this page
7.i will send you a recolored version of your fantagian in a few minutes that picture and open it in paint
9.drag your fantagian back onto fantage not sure if when you change will it stay because I have windows xp so I can’t do this.
11.if you like it please give me credit for it






Mash up fantage hair


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So for those of you who don’t know what a mash up is, a Mashup is when you take two thugs and combine them. These are some examples I just created to show you.
Note: if you want one we my order page. They don’t have to be the Same hair Mashups as in the picture. Pick any two and I will make it for you.